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Raclette Party Grill - Test 2020

Raclette Party Grill - Test 2020

If you are looking for the best raclette party grill, you should not only deal with how it works and the different types, but also with many criteria that are decisive for the purchase. For example, the various models differ significantly in terms of workmanship, accessories, cleaning concept or performance. Including all criteria in the purchase decision is quite time-consuming. If you don't have the time and would rather make a quick but good purchase decision, you can follow our purchase recommendation, because we have already done the research for you. So we can offer you the RG 2341 from Severin Highly recommend, because it is not only a combination of a hot stone and raclette grill, but also impresses with its good workmanship and even heat distribution. As an alternative, the GQR1 from Klarstein could also be of interest to you, because the model impresses with its compact design, pivotability , good scope of delivery and a low price. We also advise you to check out the Best gas grills under 1000 list for more options


Raclette grills purchase advice

The range of raclette grills is very extensive and confusing. Therefore, our recommendation is to deal with some criteria such as how they work, the different types of raclette grills and the most important criteria that are decisive for the purchase before buying. Only then does a price comparison really make sense and you can also objectively better decide which model is the best raclette party grill for your purposes. Finally, you can find an overview of the best raclette party grills of 2020 from our list of the best.

How does a raclette grill work?

Compared to a classic grill, a raclette grill works with heat from above. A heating coil runs over the small pans, which are filled and placed under the heating surface. Various foods such as vegetables, meat, cheese or fish can be prepared and cooked right at the table.

As a rule, there is another surface on top on which meat or vegetables can be grilled. If this surface is made of stone, it is a mixture of hot stone and a raclette grill. Raclette grills are particularly popular on special occasions and parties, which is why we also speak of raclette party grills in this context. The heating coil is heated up via a power connection, so that rods of different sizes and different wattages lead to different maximum temperatures. In particular, a very inexpensive raclette party grill sometimes does not heat up so much, so that searing it on the grill surface or quickly heating the pans is not possible. Since the actual depends not only on the performance but also on the size and efficiency, it is not possible to deduce from the pure output in watts whether the device heats up quickly and well. Therefore only a look at reviews of other buyers helps. In addition, it is also important for good results that the heat development is even.

So that everything can be easily removed from the pans, these are usually non-stick coated and should only be emptied with wooden cutlery. Corresponding wooden scrapers are therefore already included with many sets.

Criteria relevant to purchase

When comparing different possible products, you should also pay attention to other criteria. Below is a brief summary of the main ones.


When comparing prices, you should also pay attention to which accessories are already included or whether you may have to buy accessories. In particular, pans and matching spatulas should be included.


Certain conclusions can be drawn about the workmanship from the price, but ultimately it is not obvious at first glance how well the device is made. Therefore, we recommend taking a look at reviews from other buyers here as well. Above all else, the grill should be secure, safe to operate and be of such high quality that it offers a long service life.


Easy cleaning is also very important. The relevant parts should be easy to remove for this. Ideally, you can also clean individual components such as pans or grill surfaces in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning even easier.


The better the coating, the longer you can use the pans and grill surface. Some manufacturers even include a spare pan or two, which can also be very handy. For raclette grills with a very cheap and simple coating, we also strongly advise against cleaning them in the dishwasher. Heat distribution and performance: As already mentioned, you should definitely take a look at the power in watts. But the heat distribution also plays a major role. Poor or irregular distribution usually leads to negative reviews from other buyers. We do not recommend buying a model that offers less than 1,500 watts of output power.


Operation should also be as uncomplicated as possible, because nobody wants to study the operating instructions for hours before operating a raclette grill. All test winners are therefore very easy to use.

Types of raclette grills

There are many different types of raclette grills. What they all have in common are the pans under the heating coil. Some models also heat the pans from below, but usually they are heated from above. The biggest differences can be seen in the design. The different models differ both in their size and in the type of construction. For example, there are grills with a two-part grill surface or those that are equipped with a stone grill surface. You can even find raclette grills, where you can insert the pans on several levels. The devices can also be distinguished in terms of shape. Most grills are square, but there are also round models. This can be particularly useful with a round table, because the device can be easily reached from all sides.

Severin RG 2341

The combination model from Severin prevailed as the best raclette party grill. It impressed in particular with the combination of a raclette grill with a hot stone and an additional coated reversible grill plate for pancakes and crêpes or meat and vegetables. The preparation on the coated grill plate is done completely without fat, which is much healthier than frying with fat. The granite grill stone stores the heat of the heating rods very well, so it is particularly suitable for searing meat. There is space for eight raclette pans under the two plates, so that you can enjoy the raclette with up to eight people. The pans are non-stick coated so that the cheese can be removed very easily. Cleaning is also very uncomplicated, since warm water is usually sufficient. To extend the shelf life, you should refrain from cleaning in the dishwasher, but always clean by hand. However, cleaning the reversible cast iron plate has proven to be a bit more complicated. The thermostat of the 1,500 watt device is infinitely variable and can therefore be precisely adapted to the food being grilled. Both plates are regulated at the same time, so it is not possible to set a different temperature for each plate. Note that the scope of delivery does not include a spatula or wooden scraper. These should definitely be ordered as the coating will be damaged if you use metal utensils to empty the pans.

Klarstein GQR1

The inexpensive raclette grill from Klarstein is divided into two parts that can be swiveled through 360 °. This means that four people can comfortably insert the pans across the entire table. The heating power is 600 watts, which is very little compared to other models, but it is enough to grill meat on the small stone plates and to get the pans under the heating coils hot. You only need to be a little more patient with the heating-up time. In addition to the pans and the raclette grill itself, the scope of delivery also includes four small wooden spatulas so that you can get started right away and don't need any additional accessories - apart from the raclette cheese and the other ingredients. The hot stones measure 11.5 x 19 centimeters, which is enough to prepare a complete portion of meat per plate. When the model is completely pushed together to form a compact grill, the upper surface measures 23 x 19 centimeters. The total weight of the compact device is around 3.6 kilograms, so it can be easily transported. It can also be cleaned by hand, as the grill stones can be removed and cleaned easily with water. Overall, with the mini raclette grill, Klarstein offers a successful combination of workmanship and value for money.

Cloer 6430

The 1,200 watt raclette with stone plate from Cloer convinced the testers in particular with its good workmanship and good price-performance structure. Thanks to the oval shape of the 43 x 30 x 16 centimeter and around 6.5 kilogram device and the eight raclette pans, you have enough space for eight people. Thanks to the non-slip rubber feet, the model is very stable and firm and thanks to the stepless temperature control you can regulate the heat precisely and set it to your needs. However, Cloer does not include wooden scrapers with the model, so you should definitely buy them to get the coating on the pans. This is particularly true of the Cloer model, because the coating is a little thinner and more short-lived compared to other models if you are not very careful with the small pans. You should definitely avoid cleaning in the dishwasher, as this will reduce the longevity of the model enormously. The natural stone plate can be removed and is therefore easy to clean. Due to the size of the stone, however, you have to plan a little more time to heat it up than with other devices.

Rommelsbacher RCC 1500

The approximately 4.5 kilogram chrome-plated raclette grill from Rommelsbacher impressed with its very high quality workmanship and good output of 1,500 watts. The non-stick coating of the grill plate and the pans is very good, so that even long-term cleaning in the dishwasher did not affect the coating in the test. The die-cast grill plate is of very high quality, heats up quickly and allows you to sear it like in a pan. In addition to the eight grill pans, plastic scrapers are also included. During the meal breaks, the pans can be placed on the lower "parking deck" so that they do not get hot. This is a great advantage over conventional raclette machines, where the pans usually have to be placed somewhere on the table between preparations if you want to prevent them from heating up too much. Overall, Rommelsbacher offers a very successful overall package at a reasonable price. However, since the model was the most expensive among the test winners, it is only worth purchasing if you use it regularly.

Severin RG 2681

If you are looking for a round raclette grill, the RG 2681 model can be recommended as a very affordable raclette party grill. The device works with an output of 1,100 watts, offers space for 8 non-stick coated pans in the form of a piece of cake. The 815cm² grill plate is also coated, so you can grill well and healthily without adding fat. Matching scrapers made of plastic or wood are not yet included in the scope of delivery, so you should order them directly so that the coating remains intact for a long time. The housing is made of plastic, but in relation to the price it is quite well and robustly processed. The temperature can be regulated continuously and thus easily adapted to the respective needs. Overall, the RG 2681 is a recommendable model, but you have to live with the fact that the coating is significantly thinner and worse compared to high-quality models. Therefore, pans and plates should only be cleaned carefully by hand. As soon as scratches occur, the coating will peel off and the entire device will become unusable.