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Gas grill with rotisserie

Gas grill with rotisserie

If you want to upgrade your gas grill or if the same dishes are just too boring for you, you can buy a rotisserie for your device. A gas grill with rotisserie allows you to have countless variations of the most diverse dishes and ensures that the food is cooked evenly from all sides.

In this article you will find out what the advantages of a gas grill with a rotisserie are and what equipment your device should have to create a wide variety of grill dishes in combination with the rotisserie. We will also introduce you to our top 5 gas grills , which you can easily equip with the right rotisserie. We also have some best grills under 500 for you because they are worth it

The best 5 gas grill models and rotisserie manufacturers

In the following we would like to introduce you to our selection of the best gas grills for use with the grill skewer. Some of them have a built-in backburner and are therefore ideal for use for indirect grilling. We have also linked the right grill skewers to the model for each gas grill .

Mayer Barbecue ZUNDA MGG-342

If you want to buy a gas grill that has both a grill skewer and a backburner installed, the Mayer ZUNDA MGG-342 * (Amazon) is recommended . This is particularly popular with customers thanks to its many features, such as the rotisserie spit, the side cooker and the powerful burners .

The gas grill is made entirely of stainless steel and is therefore very high quality and durable. The current price of EUR 300 for the 153 x 66 x 118 cm device is explained by the equipment that is already installed as standard and which you no longer have to buy.

Rösle BBQ station Videro G4-S

The Rösle Videro G4-S BBQ Station * (Amazon) not only impresses with its modern and futuristic design, but also with the performance and features that the device brings. With four main burners (3.5 kW) and one side burner (3 kW) , the gas grill is already designed for a variety of dishes, the cooking process of which can be watched through the window.

4 main burners made of stainless steel + side burner Primezone for steaks & patties Large viewing window & thermometer in the lid

By equipping this rotisserie * (Amazon) you can really use the 800 degree hot prime zone of the Videro G4-S. The 138 x 58 x 118 cm gas grill currently costs 749 euros on Amazon .

Landmann Triton PTS 3.1+

The Triton PTS 3.1 * (Amazon) is a popular gas grill from the brand manufacturer Landmann. Its timeless design and the innovative PTS cooking system guarantee a long shelf life through simple cleaning.

3 continuously adjustable burners + side cooker PTS cooking system (fast & even) lots of storage space

The heat distribution in the cooking space of the 140 x 57 x 121 cm model is also very well developed thanks to the PTS system. This means that the € 419 grill can be perfectly combined with this rotisserie * (Amazon) for indirect grilling .

Weber Spirit E-210 Classic

Of course, the popular brand manufacturer Weber has also developed a gas grill with its Weber Spirit E-210 Classic * (Amazon), which is ideally suited for use with a rotisserie. The 2 stainless steel burners can be easily and safely ignited by the automatic piezo ignition , so that indirect grilling with the rotisserie is also a complete success.

Space-saving with 2 foldable side tables Aroma rails for smoky aroma Crossover ignition system with piezo ignition

The 80 x 129 x 117 cm large and 469 EUR device is perfect for the balcony due to its dimensions. So grilling fun can begin there too with this automatic grill skewer * ( Search on eBay ).

Ender's Boston 4 IK Turbo

The 61 x 144 x 115 cm large Boston 4 IK Turbo Enders * is (Amazon), especially in combination with Rotisserie another very popular gas grill for the summer party. This model also has a built-in backburner with infrared radiation , which is perfect for evenly preparing the food to be grilled.

4 main burner + side burner 1 backburner with infrared technology TURBO ZONE for quick searing High HEAT RANGE & stepless burners

Accessories and equipment for the gas grill with rotisserie

If you want to buy a rotisserie for your gas grill, you can pay attention in advance to some equipment features that the new device should have so that you can have even more grilling fun when using the rotisserie. An important feature is, for example, a so-called backburner . This is attached horizontally to the back wall of the gas grill and aligned with the grate or rotisserie. The backburner uses infrared rays to generate extremely strong heat and makes the grilled food particularly crispy and juicy in a matter of minutes. You can also grill indirectly with a closed lid - also in combination with the grill spit . The turbo zone , but especially the built-in heat range from Enders, are ideal for preparing several dishes on this grill. Indirect grilling in particular is great fun thanks to the four stainless steel burners and the backburner with this grill skewer * ( Search on eBay ).

Grilling with a rotisserie - that's how it works

If you keep a few steps in mind when grilling with the rotisserie, the dishes mentioned above can be prepared very easily. As already mentioned, you should always make sure that the food is not too small or sits loosely on the rotisserie. Should this still be the case, you can simply help with a string and tie the meat, fish or vegetables tightly to the skewer. You should also ensure that frozen meat or other grilled food is completely thawed with the rotisserie before grilling and that no more water is lost. If fat or water should drip down anyway, a bowl can be placed under the grilled food to catch it, if this is not already built into the gas grill. If the food to be grilled has been skewered in the middle of the skewer, the temperature information in the recipe should be strictly followed . Care should also be taken to ensure that the grill burners are set correctly. Especially with the very hot backburner, it can quickly happen that the food burns. You can now find out what a backburner is and what you can use it for in combination with the rotisserie.

Advantages of grilling with the rotisserie

As mentioned earlier, rotisserie grilling has a number of advantages. Especially when it comes to creating the most delicious dishes , there are practically no limits with a rotisserie. One advantage of the gas grill with rotisserie is accordingly the large variety of dishes . Regardless of whether it's vegetables, meat or fish ; if the food is not too small, it can simply be placed in the center of the rotisserie . You will also recognize the advantages of a rotisserie in the taste. The prepared food will be evenly brown, crispy and juicy on all sides . An automatic rotisserie with a motor is also a very convenient way to grill. Nobody has to get up from the table to turn the grilled food so that it is cooked evenly from all sides. If the temperature has been set correctly and the time has been observed, the grilled meat can simply be removed from the grill and, if necessary, placed on the warming rack until all the food is ready to be eaten.

Gas grill with rotisserie - a wide variety of dishes

The rotisserie can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes, as long as the food used is not too small that it would fall off the skewer. For example, one should be careful with melting cheese. Rotisseries are particularly popular in gastronomy; Whether at the kebab shop or in the snack bar - in both cases rotisseries are used to brown the kebab meat or the chicken evenly on all sides. As the name suggests, a rotisserie is a great way to prepare roll roast. But chicken, duck and other large pieces of meat can be grilled hereby. All types of vegetables also taste particularly delicious . Corn on the cob , for example, is very tasty grilled on all sides until they have reached the desired consistency. No matter whether fast food or healthy food . With a gas grill with a rotisserie, you can easily prepare whatever is the right size.