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Keeping Koi

There are different situations in which the koi has to be kept in a holding tank. This can happen if an animal is sick and needs to be taken out of the tank for quarantine. New animals can also be quarantined in a holding tank before they are given to the other animals in the pond. Another situation can arise if you still fetch new animals in autumn, but they cannot be added to the pond yet. These tanks are very suitable for rearing young animals. This is also necessary if the pond lacks the necessary depth to allow the animals to overwinter in it. So if you want to carefully care for and keep your valuable Koi, you should have such a pool at home so that you can set it up directly if necessary. Below are a few tips on what to keep in mind when putting a koi in a holding tank. Visit the website to read more articles how long do koi fish live


Different holding tanks


There are different holding tanks. There are folding basins in different sizes, which can be folded up until they are used. However, there are also solid pools made of plastic reinforced with glass fibers (GRP) and pools made of polyethylene (PE). The plastic pools are more durable because they are very robust. However, the folding basins can be put away to save space after use. Therefore, it should be considered in advance how often a holding tank is needed. If it is rarely used, the folding basins are the better choice. If it is used frequently, the plastic basin should be used. The plastic basins are also more suitable for transporting Koi than the folding basins.


Kois in the holding tank


It is not just a matter of putting the koi in the holding tanks. Some preparation is necessary. Since the koi continue to release their metabolic products into the water, a filter is important so that the water quality is always good. An aerator pump should also not be missing, which releases enough oxygen into the water for the Koi. In addition, the pools are prone to strong temperature fluctuations. The water heats up quickly in the small basins. Therefore, the pools should be in the shade, preferably a bit cool. It is advisable to set it up in the garage or even in the basement. A protected location should always be chosen. Since the water differs from the pond water, the Koi should not simply be added to the pool, but slowly accustomed to the new water values. Because the pools are smaller than the pond, the koi may have a tendency to jump. It is therefore advisable to cover the pool with a net (covering net 6x10 m).


Wintering in the holding tank


If a pond is too shallow, koi should not hibernate in it. You cannot retreat deep enough to the bottom of the pond and would freeze to death. If you do not heat the pond over the winter - perhaps for cost reasons - then the koi should be overwintered in a holding tank. The koi can be protected from frost in the garage or even better in a basement room. However, it should be remembered that the Kois do not fall into winter rigor when they are kept indoors and therefore have to be fed throughout the winter. Pond water should be used as water. That means less stress for the animals. If there is no daylight in the room, lighting should be installed above the pool, which simulates day and night for the animals. The filter can be removed from the pond so that the system starts very well. Since this has already retracted from the summer, it can seamlessly take over the filtering and breakdown of metabolic products. The koi should be placed inside the pond before the water temperature in the pond falls below 14 degrees.


Quarantine sick fish


In the case of sick animals, it is highly recommended to take them out of the pond so that they do not infect other animals. If a disease is recognized in good time, the disease can be prevented from spreading to the entire animal population. In addition, it is easier to give medication in such a quarantine tank. These are put into the water. In the pond, a large amount of medicine would be necessary to achieve the effective concentration in the pond water. This is easier to ensure in a quarantine tank.

How long do koi fish live

How long do koi fish live