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Make your own gravel vacuum for your aquarium

A very handy aquarium equipment is a gravel vac. They're good for getting rubble from the gravel at the bottom of your tank. But they can be expensive, so I'll show you how to make a gravel vac for a very small sum to clean your aquarium coffee table!

What do you need: -Some plastic tubing, not too long, about a meter or so. -A Coca-Cola bottle or something like that.

Step 1: get some plastic tubing

Get some plastic pipes. My local aquarium shop had some that I suspect was for filters. He gave me some for free. It needs to be about a meter long, or about 3 feet.

Step 2: find a cola bottle

Find a Coke bottle and cut it around the part at the bottom of the label, or a little lower or higher depending on the size of your aquarium. Do not throw away the lid of the bottle, it is suitable for the next step!

Step 3: the dangerous part. Cut a hole in the lid of the bottle.

Warning. I take no responsibility if you injure yourself while taking this step. You need to mark the size of the tubing on the top of the lid and make a hole with a sharp knife. Children, ask your parents to do this for you. Maybe you have a drill that can do the work for you. I cannot stress this enough, be careful in doing this step!

Step 4: screw the cap on the bottle.

Its almost done. Screw the cap on the bottle, and you have something that resembles a gravel vac that you would buy from stores for a few dollars!

Step 5: give it a try.

Going into your aquarium and putting a bucket on the bottom in front of the aquarium, putting the gravel vac into the aquarium, and trying to remove any air bubbles from inside, I suggest placing it horizontally and tending to remove it. Proceed to the opposite end, place it over the bucket, and suck until water flows out. There are! You now have a working Kies Vac!