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Over ear Bluetooth sports headphones - concentrated sound power

Over ear Bluetooth sports headphones are probably the largest and most bulky of the headphones. Over ears are all headphones that completely surround the ears, so that no part of the ear remains free. For this reason, this design is also a little heavier and larger than the Over Ears. In the following, you will find out exactly what disadvantages and advantages this has. Over ear headphones, like on ears, are particularly suitable for the gym or weight training. We do not recommend this design for runners, as it is significantly heavier than the light In Ears and this can be annoying in the long run. Rather, the over ears are recommended for strength training and in the gym, the large ear cups allow perfect shielding from external noises and the sound is breathtakingly good. Voluminous bass and crystal clear sound are standard with good over ears, you can really expect the highest quality here. If you are very demanding in terms of sound quality, we definitely recommend the over ears, here you get concentrated sound for perfect music enjoyment during training. The earphones are held together by a wide bracket that leads over the head, so there is sufficient support. What is annoying with the over ears is the great heat build-up on the ears. Because the ear is completely enclosed here, it can get hot under the headphones for a long time, especially during sports. During longer sports sessions you have to take off the headphones so that your ears can get fresh air again.


We only deal with and test Bluetooth sports headphones here, which is why we only have these in our range. In our opinion, Bluetooth headphones offer the only suitable solution for relaxed listening to music during sport. Bluetooth over-ear headphones also do not need a cable and still convince with an excellent sound quality, which you will find out below, what advantages and disadvantages this design offers.


Overview of advantages and disadvantages


No cable Excellent sound quality Perfect noise isolation long wearing times possible Also comfortable in everyday life Heat development under the earphones moderate hygiene heavy


As you can easily see, over-ear Bluetooth headphones for sports come with some significant advantages. On the one hand, the sound is of course one of the main reasons for choosing an over-ear. Rich and full bass in a class of its own, crystal clear highs and a generally round sound make the Over Ears the front runners in terms of sound quality. Everyone should be satisfied here and nothing more to complain about, especially with higher-priced models, there is really nothing to complain about in terms of sound quality. In addition, thanks to the large auricles, you benefit from perfect shielding from external noise, which ensures excellent focus during training. Wearing it for several hours is also no problem and apart from sports, the headphones can also be used very well in everyday life and just listen to music with them.


However, over ears also have some disadvantages: On the one hand, there is a build-up of heat under the earphones, which is clearly noticeable during sports after long periods of wear. In terms of hygiene, over ears also require a little more maintenance and should be cleaned regularly after exercise if you sweat a lot. Also not to be forgotten is the weight, you can feel over ears clearly on your head, here you have to decide whether you don't care and whether you rely more on good sound or not.


Who are over ear Bluetooth sports headphones suitable for?


In short: for everyone who wants more. In principle, this design is particularly suitable for strength athletes and weightlifters who spend a lot of time in the gym or in sports halls. We advise against buying runners who regularly run longer distances in nature and sports, such as runners for example, where the headphones have to be bombproof so that they do not fall off. But if you don't fall into this category and have high demands on sound and quality, then the Over Ears are the only right choice for you, especially if you don't care about a slightly heavier weight. Here you get a device with excellent sound power, which ensures an even better focus during training, that's for sure. Only the heat development bothers during exercise after a long period of wear, but you can also use Over Ears in everyday life without any problems to just listen to music and thus have an excellent all-rounder in your luggage. Demanding ears will finally find a satisfactory music companion for sports with the over-ear design.


Comfort, sound and weight


The over-ears really hardly anything to complain about. The entire ear is enclosed and longer wearing times are no problem, as nothing presses or starts to hurt, especially not with more expensive models with leather upholstery. Only the heat development under the headphones and the weight are a bit negative in terms of comfort, but that shouldn't pose any major problems. The shielding is perfect thanks to the surrounding, large ear buds and is very well solved in most models.


In terms of sound, the over-ear models are way ahead of their peers. The sound sounds clearer, the bass is fuller and you can enjoy the music to the fullest, especially when doing sport this can give you an extra boost of motivation. Even demanding ears will be won over here, that's for sure. So if you are very sensitive and critical when it comes to sound, you should choose one of our top 3 models and look forward to a real sound monster.


Unfortunately, the weight is a negative point of criticism for almost all over ears. Due to the large design, the weight is of course a lot heavier than with In- and On Ears and you can clearly feel the weight on your head. If the Over Ears cannot be folded up, which is not the case with every model, they also take up a lot of space in the bag or backpack, which should be taken into account before buying.

The battery life

We come to the battery, a point that is very important for Bluetooth sports headphones. The runtime of the battery with Over Ears is similar to that of On Ears, 15-20 hours without charging are no problem for most models. Several sports sessions without having to charge the headphones are therefore easily possible. The battery life should be long enough for everyone and prevents constant charging after each exercise, which can be annoying in the long run. Most models are charged via a simple USB port, as is known from common smartphones, and a suitable cable is of course included.

Over ear Bluetooth sport headphones - the conclusion

In summary, the over-ear Bluetooth headphones for sport are especially suitable for strength athletes and fitness lovers who want more when it comes to sound and who do not want to be satisfied with mediocre quality. Although this design is a bit heavier and more unwieldy and you can feel that you are wearing something on your head, on the other hand the noise shielding, the wearing comfort and the sound are all the better. Here it is again important to weigh what is more important to you personally in order to be able to find the ideal headphones. If you don't find any of the top 3 over-ear headphones for sport from our test ideal for you, we have a lot of other models in our range that you should definitely take a look at. See more over ear headphones for working out

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